That’s right… Caroline isn’t just a comedian, she is also a human woman. Her other superfluous yet threatening skills include travel and…EATING. Watch out, world! She’ll consume you.

Follow Your heart 


Home Away from Home: San Francisco

Nature always tells the truth

I come with my songs to clean the wounds/Like wind thru the redwoods/I’m the hum of the hummingbird/The color of the red-tail hawk/There’s a jaguar withinthat prowls the city streets/Hunting for a poem/The riddle of the blue jay is my pen/The majesty of the condor my ink/I’m the river, I’m the rain/The grizzly bear’s paw/The courage of the wolf and the cunning of coyote/I’m the cactus, the nopal, the agave/With its sweet mescal/

I’m the seashell on the shore that listens to your woes



Home of Origin: Puerto Rico

Una historia

En un jardín tropical
donde ostentan flores preciosas
perspectivas sin igual,
tropece con un rosal
cuajado de lindas rosas.




Home Base: New York

I Was the Most Quiet

I was the most quiet,
Among those who voyaged to your harbor.
No obscene social events announced me,
Nor the hushed bells of ancestral reflexes;
My route was the wild music of birds
Which flung into the air my kindness...fluttering.

Yo Misma Fui Mi Ruta

Yo quise ser como los hombres quisieron
que yo fuese: un intento de vida; 
un juego al escondite con mi ser.
Pero yo estaba hecha de presentes, 
y mis pies, planos sobre la tierra promisora
no resistían caminar hacia atrás,
y seguían adelante, adelante,
burlando las cenizas