Feed Me


I love food...

One of my favorite stories growing up is evidence that my obsession over food started early. I didn't like when people blew out their candles during their birthdays, because I thought that's what made them age a year. And I didn't want anybody to die because I didn't know where people went! So no candles! 

Then, one day in our van, I announced to my family my reasoning. I said "Mommy, Daddy, David, Lara, do you know why I don't want you to get older and die."

My mom braced herself for a touching ode of my love for them. 

"Because if you die...who will feed me?"

WHO WILL FEED ME. It's been the existential question that drives my life. I love cooking food for people almost as much as I love having it all to myself! Something to be shared and enjoyed with or without company. Bon appetit!